Faceți cunoștință cu echipa

Suntem o echipă unită și valoroasă. Instructorii de schi și snowboard sunt atestați, au experiență și impartășesc
aceeași pasiune pentru alunecarea pe zapadă.


    • Very good ski teachers, English and French speakers, for the past 4 years they teach my children and they are so happy!
      Cristina V
      A Tripadvisor member
    • Just returned from a ski weekend in Poiana, Brasov and would like to recommend the ski services of Alpin Ski Academy. They were very professional and helpful; Daniel even picked me up from Brasov and drove me to the Hotel on his way to work. I met Neculai (Nicu) my instructor, and before long he had me back in the ski game after a long hiatus. The views from the top were spectacular and the cake and coffee at the half-way lodge an added treat. Prices in Poiana might be a bit steeper than other ski resorts in Romania, but this is the best place to shussss and if you compare it to Canadian prices, it's a ridiculous deal!
      A Tripadvisor member
    • Best ski experience for three of my kids! Each of them had different ski instructor and all of the instructors were friendly and very attentive with kids!
      Sabina D
      A Tripadvisor member