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Bogdan LEBU – ski instructor

Bogdan Lebu - a relaxing day on skis

Bogdan Lebu – a relaxing day on skis

Hey, I am Bogdan, one lucky guy.
Lucky to be able to spend time in nature, on mountain tops, skiing during winter and biking, hiking or running in the summer. Lucky that the passion born in the 5 years old kid burned lively during in the young professional skier but still has the flames high in the mature 45 years old guy who rediscovers skiing and its new branches: backcountry skiing and free riding. I am lucky that I get to meet new people, witness their skiing skills progressing as a ski instructor, but also sharing an idea and a smile while becoming friends and having fun.
Come in Poiana Brasov, become a better skier while having fun together!

Ski Instructor, Bogdan



Hai la ski !

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